Belina Wright


Artist Statement..

I am a self-taught artist and because of this I create freely without fear of breaking artistic rules. I have various methods of creating my work and do not like to be labeled as only one style of painter.  My art has a strong Haitian art style influence. Living in the U.S. I didn’t get to experience much of the Haitian culture growing up. This style allows me to identify with that part of my heritage. When I did visit Haiti, as a child, I remembered the movement and the energy of people talking, laughing or haggling in the marketplace and the spirit of community. I try to capture the beauty in the day-to-day and extraordinary features of my cultural background. I often include faceless stylized women dancing or working. I also use bright colors and bold strokes in the backgrounds to create energy and movement. I am a very loose painter. I don’t believe a lot of detail is needed to capture the essence of a piece. Initially you notice the color in my work but if you look closely you will see the beauty of hidden details showing through the layers.