Women Working With Women is making a positive impact in our community by educating, enhancing, empowering, strengthening, and improving the lives of women and families through personal and professional development. Women Working With Women, Inc. has built a strong network of community partners who share this same vision of a better Gainesville through personal empowerment.
— Dug Jones, Associate VP, Economic Development at the CIED

I want to take time to thank Women Working With Women on helping me and my children with food in our times of need. I am always grateful to them for reaching out and providing at times when we needed it the most.

I am beginning to recommend their services to others who may come across my path with greater needs than my self.
— Sonya

I was participant in the Professional Development Program. This program could not have come at a more opportune time. I am preparing to give a presentation and interview for a life changing job opportunity. If it were not for this program I don’t be believe I would be prepared.
— Montoia

Woman Working with Woman has helped our church in Gainesville-Archer/Newberry Community immensely. Woman Working with Woman has contributed their time, energy and support to this community in the form of food and Community Form for women in this community. Woman in this community has benefited from programs that have encouraged and empower women to start living their lives and presume their goals. This has been an ongoing commitment from this wonderful organization. Archer is a small rural area with low income residents. Many people in this area have benefit from the fresh fruits, fresh vegetable, can goods and clothing. Without the help of this group, Woman Working with Woman, people in the Archer would be without fresh bread, fruits, vegetable. Many people have made the choice to eat healthy in order to have better health; Woman Working with Woman has accomplished this goal in the Archer/Newberry area. Any support you can give to the organization, Woman Working with Woman will be greatly appreciated as they work to support the people in this community and throughout Alachua Community.
— Elder Cynthia Clark, Archer Seventh Day Adventist Church

My personal experience with “Women Working with Women, Inc.” has served to heighten my awareness and sensitivity to the needs of others in the community. Moreover, Women Working with Women, Inc. solidifies the basic core values of spirituality and mankind: unconditional positive regard, selflessness, and sacrifice. This agency strives to model the aforementioned values in their interactions with others. Working with Women, Inc. has demonstrated their ability and willingness to capitalize on opportunities to help others. Hosting community events that comprise distribution of food and psychoeducational and spiritual literature, access to resources for healthcare, HIV/AIDS testing, and many other activities stimulating mental, emotional, and physical growth has been instrumental in the Gainesville community. Individuals exposed to Women Working with Women, Inc. certainly become more equipped to implement a healthier plan for self-care, which improves their chances of success for educational, vocational, and relationship goals. Engaging in the dynamic community-based events facilitated by Women Working with Women, Inc. is indeed a powerful experience. Women Working with Women, Inc. makes accommodations for those who have identified a need. Not only have I observed the support offered to individuals in various communities, events and activities, and churches, but I can also testify to the helpfulness and accessibility of food items that have been distributed to my family when requested. Referrals are readily received by the agency as I have directed others to Women Working with Women, Inc. to address specific needs as well; it is apparent each opportunity for serving others is seized and embraced. Women Working with Women, Inc. is an extraordinary asset in the Gainesville, Florida community that is actively seeking to extend beyond the confines of the city limits. The resources, skills, knowledge, and experience within the organization assert the agency’s ability to progress. Their vision is unsurpassed.
— Mimi Culpepper

This organization is committed and commended for the service it provides to women, families, and the community of Gainesville. The Women Working with Women organization provides food, clothing, tutoring, and other life management classes and training. By partnering with other local organizations, the possibilities for citizens who need a little help are endless. Let me share a few examples of the service Women Working with Women provided for my family. I am a proud woman. I don’t like asking for help even when I know I need it! However, pride does not fill an empty stomach! My children and I are experiencing some financial challenges. Although, we all are employed, sometimes it’s not enough to buy food, considering our other financial obligations. Women Working with Women provided food for our families. What a blessing this organization is to us! Another example of the service Women Working with Women is providing is through job training and empowerment classes. My daughter took job training classes with Women Working with Women, and now she is employed full-time! She is confident knowing she can contribute to the well-being of her family. Because of the service Women Working with Women provided, we thought it negligent not to give back, so my daughter and I recently served as food distribution volunteers. It felt great to give back to the community, interact with the people, and establish relationships with other volunteers for this particular Community Service Day event. We had so much fun! I am just a small example of what this organization is doing in the City of Gainesville, Florida. Sometimes, we all need a hand to be lifted out of poverty or above our situations of hopelessness. The Women Working with Women organization is dedicated to “working” hard to provide education, hope, and empowerment to citizens who want to do better for themselves and their families.
— Brenda W. Brown