How We Started


In March 2012 a vision was realize that strives to grow our communities. For the past 5 years, Women Working With Women restores the family’s humanity through educational workshops and empowerment of each family member, particularly, women and teens.  Our business philosophy provides the necessary tools for a life that will help them become productive agents of society. The services will be offered to individuals, groups, and organizations of all ethnicity and backgrounds.  The industry is community outreach, awareness, and the harmonious development of the hand, head, and heart.  


In order to enhance the enhance quality of women's lives, they must have the required tools needed to improve their personal and professional situations. Our services comprised of professional speakers, interactive specialty workshops, certification classes, computer training, children and teen social development classes, family counseling, women’s transitioning back into society from incarceration, abuse, and or out of the work scene for many years. In order to meet our company’s strengths and core competencies we provide food distributions, clothes give away, health screenings, to over 5000 families in the past 3 years.


Celebrating womanhood at WWWW!


Our mission is to recover our communities through educating, enhancing, empowering, strengthening, and improving women and families personally, professionally, and socially. We are passionate about helping women recognize their needs and potential to be restored as  successes in society through study, workshops, seminars and conferences.